Slagex Desulphuriser and slag coagulant is a multifunctional powder product which is used in the Furnace and the Transfer Ladles for desulphurisation, slag conditioning, and slag de-oxidation.

It melts, mixes, and reacts with the liquid metal in a rolling motion, reducing Sulphur and other non-metallic inclusions.

It has a very simple and easy application process.

Key Features

  1. It reduces Sulphur and other non-metallic inclusions
  2. Product being exothermic, it does not decrease the steel temp.
  3. Avoids re-oxidation and nitrogen penetration in metal from the atmosphere
  4. It forms a protective coating on the side walls, increasing the life of ladle refractories
  5. Removal of non-metallic inclusions in the metal
  6. Reduced pin holes and blow holes in billets
  7. Better quality of steel

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