Ball Innsulekx

Rice husk ash balls manufacturer for steel mills. Ball Innsulekx is used in steel mills for insulation of molten metal in ladle..

Tundish Covering Compound

We produce Active Tundish Covering Compound, which are ideal for steel making. A whole range of products suiting...

Ladle Covering Compound

The temperature of molten metal in the ladle is around 1650 degrees centigrade (3000 degrees F) and above.

Casting Powder

Casting Powder (Lubricating Powders for Continuous Casting) is used in Continuous Casting Machines to make better quality...

Nozzle Flowexx (Nfc)

Nozzle Flowexx (Nozzle filling compound) is used as a special refractory material in steel mills in ladle and tundish moulds...

Nozzofill – Ebt Filling Mass

NozzoFill – EBT Filling Mass is used in Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) for smooth and easy operation. Being free flowing in nature...

Slagex – Slag Coagulant

Slagex is mainly used in the Furnace, Transfer Ladles and also in the Tundish to coagulate the slag and reduce Sulphur...

Slagex De-Sulphuriser

Slagex Desulphuriser and slag coagulant is a multifunctional powder product which is used in the Furnace and...

Slagex Ph3040 De-Phosphoriser

Slagex Ph3040 – Dephosphoriser is a low density material used in the Furnace while charging, to reduce the flow...


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