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N K Enterprises was established in 1992.

N K Enterprises manufactures special refractories for steel mills, furnaces and foundries. The product range includes insulating powder, nozzle filling compound, slag coagulants and active tundish cover materials. The annual production capacity is 20,000 tons per annum.

More than 95% of the total production is exported out of India. These products have been exported to USA, Europe, Russian Federation, Middle East, Africa, and Australia. Our products are well accepted by the customers abroad.

Our enterprise’s goal is to provide quality products which help the steel mill to make better quality of steel at economical prices.


Innsulekx Insulating Powder is a new generation product (Radex) made from rice husk ash / rice hull ash. Insulating Powder (Radex – also called Ladle Covering Compound) is used in steel mills for insulation of molten metal in ladle and tundish.

The temperature of molten metal in the ladle is around 1650 degrees centigrade (3000 degrees F) and above. When this metal flows from ladle to tundish the temperature drops considerably. Without the use of insulation cover material, there may be breakdown in caster due to loss of temperature.

When Insulating Powder (Radex) – Innsulekx is spread as coating over the molten metal (about 1 inch to 2 inches thick blanket on the hot molten metal) in the ladle and tundish, it acts as a very good insulator and the temperature does not come down quickly in the tundish and ladle.




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