Insulating Powder

LogoInnsulekx is used in steel mills for insulation of molten metal in ladle and tundish. Insulating Powder – Innsulekx  has very good insulating properties.

Innsulekx  is a free flowing nontoxic, nonhazardous powder. It has low bulk density. It is rich in silica content, having low carbon and low moisture content. Innsulekx is a carbon neutral green product and comes from organic source. Use of Innsulekx  in the steel making process reduces emission of greenhouse gasses.

Refractory flux and ladle flux are expensive to purchase. Insulating Powder – Innsulekx is used in all the steel mills as an economical and cost effective insulating agent on hot molten metal in steel mills.


  • Increase in Production
  • Better finished metal quality
  • Reduction in expenditure
  • Energy saver
  • Cost effective