Nozzle filling compound – Nozzle Flowexx (NFC)

About :

Nozzle Flowexx (Nozzle filling compound) is used as a special refractory material in steel mills in ladle and tundish moulds for smooth and easy operation. Nozzle Flowexx is filled in the cores of ladle and tundish, and being free flowing in nature it ensures trouble free opening of sliding gate in casting operation. High sintering point is the key to successful product performance of Nozzle Flowexx (Nozzle filling compound).



  1. Continuous trouble free operations with better free opening ratio
  2. Easy opening of Sliding Gate reduces breakdown in casting cycle
  3. High working temperatures eliminates reheating and lancing
  4. Increase in life of Nozzle blocks and sliding gate
  5. No pickup in steel improving steel quality